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Makeup Tips and Trends from Lauren Conrad in her "Eye on Beauty" Video!

Posted By Emily Travis on Apr 1, 2008 at 8:32AM

In this video, from YourHealthyEyes.com, Lauren shares her beauty tips, tricks, and trends. Next week we'll see her "Eye On" fitness.

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Fashion Advice from Lauren Conrad in her "Eye On Fashion" Video!

Posted By Emily Travis on Mar 30, 2008 at 1:45PM

Lauren Conrad has a new online video series! Apparently, every Tuesday for the next 5 weeks, (well 4 weeks now,) YourHealthyEyes.com will premier a new video. Lauren will discuss fashion, beauty, and other things she's interested in. Here's the first video.

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‘The Hills’ Returns March 24th

Posted By pinkgirl22 on Feb 19, 2008 at 9:19AM

The premiere of season 3’s bonus episodes for The Hills returns on Monday, March 24th.

Get a video sneak peek of Lauren and Whitney’s trip to Paris and what else is to come on MTV.com.

Lauren, her BFF Lo and Audrina will be living together in Ms. Conrad’s mini-mansion in future episodes on The Hills.

Source: Just Jared

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Audrina Patridge Comments On Heidi Montag’s Music

Posted By pinkgirl22 on Feb 8, 2008 at 9:12AM

It’s no secret that the girls from “The Hills” don’t really get along. When we caught up with Audrina Patridge at Nicole Khristine Jewelry Launch party at Social last night, we couldn’t resist asking her thoughts on Heidi Montag’s latest music video “Higher”.

Audrina mentioned that she had seen the “homemade” music video and she wasn’t surprised because it was “something Heidi and Spencer would do”. Heidi went on to explain, “I never thought she would ever be a singer since I’ve known her…she’s never really talked about music or anything…and all of a sudden she’s putting out this cd and this video.”
Source: Hollyscoop.com

Lauren Conrad & Whitney Port Get Fashion PR Jobs?

Posted By pinkgirl22 on Feb 3, 2008 at 9:49PM

Just in time for New York Fashion Week, it looks like The Hills girls Lauren Conrad and Whitney Port have scored themselves some new jobs! After parting ways with Teen Vogue, New York magazine’s Web site says the ladies are working for PR agency People’s Revolution. So keep your eyes peeled at the white tents, Hills fans: LC and Whitney might walk among you. Source: People.com

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Lauren Conrad: "I Don't Know" How Long I'll Do The Hills.. A Must Read!

Posted By miz_ayet on Jan 18, 2008 at 12:09PM

Lauren Conrad has gotten used to having cameras on her 24/7.

The reality star, 21 — who is currently shooting the latest season of her MTV hit The Hills — said she never knows how long they'll be on her, either."We film till some kind of conclusion happens in our lives," she told Usmagazine.com at the L.A. premiere of Cloverfield last night.

How long does she see herself shooting the show? "I don’t know," she said. "I’m just having fun with it now.

"We had two weeks off during Christmas, and it was really nice to have a break," she added. "But at the same time you miss the crew. The crew members are really good friends of ours so it’s kind of cool to get back into it."

Conrad — who recently left her gig at Teen Vogue — also spoke out about her upcoming fall fashion show. She said shooting the eight "bonus" episodes of The Hills inspired her the most.

"Paris was the inspiration for the show — the whole Parisian theme," she said.

Filming, planning fashion shows .... does she ever get overwhelmed? "A little bit," she admitted. "I have a lot on my plate right now, but I’m having fun with it. I like being busy."

Article and Image from: UsMagazine.com

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The Hills News! New Job, House and Roomie for LC! Exciting! Read More!

Posted By miz_ayet on Jan 15, 2008 at 8:14PM

Change is in the air on The Hills! They've just started filming again for the show's fourth season. So, when I ran into Lauren Conrad at the Jimmy Choo flagship store opening in Beverly Hills, I got all the latest scoop on your favorite faux-reality show.

First off, L.C.'s lookin' for a new job. "There’s a couple places that I have to go apply and deal with all that," Lauren said of her post-Teen Vogue employment plan. "I’m looking into production companies...I really wanna work backstage at fashion shows.”

But one place she won't be applying is SBE Entertainment Group, where Heidi Montag toils. Lauren's been spotted lookin' chummy lately with SBE head honcho Brent Bolthouse, making people wonder if she's angling for a job at her enemy's stomping ground.

"I’m not looking at SBE," she told me. "I appreciate their parties, though!" (So does Hollywood Party Girl.)

And now, Lauren will actually be living in the Hollywood Hills, instead of in an apartment by the Grove, like she has for the past three seasons. She reportedly just bought a $2 million dollar, four-bedroom pad off of Sunset. So, who will be in the extra rooms?

“We’re still living together," her current roomie Audrina Patridge assured me at the same party. "I’m so excited. The house is beautiful!”

Also joining them in the minimansion will be Lauren Bosworth, aka Lo. Can't wait! She's one of the funnier people on the show, and now, she'll surely get more screen time if she's shacking up with the girls.

Audrina also told me that they'll be moving in over the next few weeks and throwing a housewarming party, all on camera for season four, natch.

I'll be watching the mail for my invite, ladies!

Article from: Eonline.com

The Hills and Teen Vogue are DONE.

Posted By pinkgirl22 on Jan 10, 2008 at 12:42PM

MTV apparently will be looking for another magazine partner for its hit series “The Hills” next season. The show’s second season ended with Lauren Conrad and her partner in crime, Teen Vogue intern Whitney Port, going to Paris to assist then-senior editor Kimball Hastings as he covered the Crillon Ball. Port is listed as West Coast fashion contributor and Conrad as intern in Teen Vogue’s March issue, the same one where the Crillon Ball coverage will appear, but, according to a spokeswoman, their presence will cease to exist after that. “The girls have moved on from Teen Vogue,” she said, declining to say whether or not Teen Vogue will be part of the series next time (which probably means it won’t be). The two partners benefited greatly from cross-promotion — Teen Vogue featured both girls on its August 2007 cover, a top seller for the year, and Conrad by herself on its June/July 2006 cover. An MTV spokeswoman did not return calls for comment by press time.

Source: ICYDK

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Audrina has a new man!

Posted By pinkgirl22 on Jan 9, 2008 at 2:49PM

And he is a major upgrade!!

Come check out Bernard The Hill’s “star” Audrina Patridge was spotted yesterday with her new man Bernard. Justin Bobby - eat your heart out! Looks like this guy actually showers!

Source: ICYDK

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Audrina Patridge: ‘I Am Not Ditching Lauren for Heidi’

Posted By pinkgirl22 on Jan 9, 2008 at 2:27PM

While the Internet has been abuzz that Audrina Patridge is fighting with her Hills costar — and best friend — Lauren Conrad and getting friendly again with (gasp!) Heidi Montag, Patridge has taken to MySpace to clear up what she calls “false rumors.”

“I am not ditching Lauren for Heidi,” she writes in a bulleted post on her MySpace blog, refusing to enter the conflict between the former friends. “It is none of my business with what is going on between them and I stay out of it! . . . . I have enough of my own personal drama.”

Patridge also addresses other rumors stemming from “gossip in trash mags,” including reports that she and Conrad had plastic surgery and no longer live together. (Both are untrue, she explains). –Brian Orloff

Read Patridge’s full post below:

i have been getting alot of questions about all the gossip in trash mags and
on internet…………..
1.) lauren and i have never had plastic surgery!
2.) I am not ditching lauren for heidi….if i see her out we acknowledge
eachother but no were not besties! it is none of my business with what is
going on between them and i stay out of it!—im not focused on others
business, i have enough of my own personal drama

3.) Lauren and i still live together and are friends:)
4.) no i never went to spencers condo…(LOL)
5.)and yes i go to oc alot to help my pregnant sister its not bc im sick of
lauren and shes difficult to live with!!!…..

6.) no whitney is not leaving our show she is one of our main girls in show!

there are soooo many false rumors it just makes us laugh!!!!…..but thats
what keeps everyone on their toes and interested!…… hope these cleared
up a few things


Source: People.com

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